About Jason

My name is Jason Walz and I have been a beader for several years. I own a couple web-based jewelry making businesses as well as an Etsy store where I import exotic beads from Nepal (Shade of the Bodhi Tree). My other jewelry related businesses are one-man-shows just like Jet Beads. I’m also a professional Photographer (see my stuff here: JKWalz.com).

Like you I am simply a customer of Fire Mountain Gems – I am not employed by them or working as an agent for them or associated with them in any other way.

I live by myself in Phoenix AZ at the base of a mountain in the wonderfully diverse and eclectic Sunnyslope neighborhood. 

I have a very open and honest way of doing business. I believe in complete transparency- to be clear and lacking deception; to be open, honest, and to be accountable. If you want to know anything else about me please feel free to email me via the Contact Jason link. I love to talk to my customers because beading seems to attract such a wonderful and wide variety of people!

Here is a picture of me and Brogan, my grandson: