Shipping and Returns


I place one order per day with FMG then re-pack and re-ship the order once it arrives at my workshop. I ship to you via USPS (typically 2 to 4 day delivery in most cases) and charge between $8.50 and $16.00 depending on the order size. Bulky and/or large items will result in a higher shipping rate and International orders are subject to a higher shipping rate. The shipping and re-packing charge covers the FedEx 3 Day shipping to me from FMG, me re-packing the order, and shipping out to you. Here is a little more detailed info on shipping costs.

International shipping varies greatly and is determined on a case by case basis. I recommend that you submit an Order Request Form to see what your exact costs will be. Remember, you are under no obligation to finish the order by submitting an order Request Form.

SHIPPING INSURANCE is optional. If the you opt out of shipping insurance then ANY AND ALL damaged or lost shall be the FULL responsibility of the Customer. If you opt out of Shipping Insurance then Jet Beads shall bear no responsibility for lost or damaged product. If you opt out of Shipping Insurance then Jet Beads will not, under any circumstances, be obligated to issue a refund or replace product. PLEASE carefully consider opting in or out of Shipping Insurance. Any delivery marked as delivered by the carrier will be considered delivered for insurance purposes. If a package is marked as delivered, yet you cannot find it, it will be considered stolen after delivery.

I order daily (Monday though Friday) and re-pack and ship Monday through Saturday. Product received Monday will re-ship Tuesday and so on. FedEx takes 2 to 3 days to deliver to me and it will take 2 to 3 days to get to you from me so overall shipping time will be 6 to 7 days once the order leaves FMG for me. But, sometimes it takes a little longer and sometimes it is a little faster!


I cannot process exchanges but I do take returns. Returns can be made on any item for any reason as long as I receive the item(s) from you within 2 months of you getting them. Precious metals must be returned within 5 DAYS or receipt! The item(s) must be un-used, un-altered, in their original FMG packaging and have the original FMG sticker. There can be no exceptions to these requirements. Remember- you are buying product from Jet Beads not FMG so any all issues need to go through me. Please do not contact FMG as it will only confuse them 🙂

To return any items please fill out this form: ITEM RETURN FORM


I cannot currently process back-orders. I ask that if you have any back-ordered items on your Order Request that you please remove them. If one accidentally gets though I will remove it from the order prior to invoicing you and let you know. You’ll need to just pay attention for when the item comes back in then re-order it. You can always call or live-chat FMG to ask what the expected re-stock date is on items.