Guide to Ordering

I order product daily from Fire Mountain Gems – CLICK HERE to be taken directly to their website. I am a high-volume wholesaler with them so I get product at their 100+ unit price break no matter what the quantity. Most people never reach the 100+ level so I pass those savings on to you!

All I need from you is the ITEM ID and QUANTITY of the item(s) you want me to get for you from Fire Mountain submitted to me via the ORDER REQUEST FORM.

Here is an example of what the ITEM IDs look like!

GO HERE TO SEARCH FOR THE ITEMS YOU WANT and add them to your cart there.

STEP 2) Tell me the items you want on the ORDER REQUEST FORM:

1) Simply type out the list of ITEM IDs and QTYs of what you want in the Order Request Form LIKE THIS, or;

2) Copy and paste the actual cart contents from FMG into the Order Request Form LIKE THIS, or;

3) Print your cart to PDF and send it to me via the Order Request Form.

It is that easy! Just search for the items you want out of from their 100,000+ product then send me the item numbers. I order for you and extend the 100+ high volume discount!!
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