More Shipping Info

FMG charges anywhere from $6.99 flat rate shipping and up depending on the size of the order. This is FMG’s shipping cost but not mine. I charge anywhere from $8.50 for one or two small-item orders up to $13.50 for an average sized order shipping in the US. Some orders have to ship FedEx because of the size and will range from $15 and up (for things like displays and large tools). You only pay the Jet Beads shipping cost – not both. Canadian and other international shipping costs are calculated on a case by case basis.

My shipping charge includes the actual shipping cost as well as a few extra dollars for sorting out the orders and packaging them up (this takes 3 to 10 hours a day). My profit margin is so minuscule that I have to charge a little extra in order to keep doing this!

The bottom line is that even with shipping being more through Jet Beads (vs $6.99 + at FMG) you are PAYING LESS FOR YOUR ORDER BY ORDERING THROUGH JET BEADS. The amount you are saving is inclusive of all shipping charges – it is the full and actual amount you are paying less.

If you need something shipped ASAP I will calculate for you whether it is worth it or not for you to order though me. Basically I charge to you the extra $$$ it takes to get the product from FMG to me either Overnight or 2nd day. Sometimes that eats up your entire savings amount but typically you still save.

I order daily Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. All orders placed after noon on Friday through before noon on Monday are placed Monday. This is because FMG doesn’t ship over the weekend and anything I order after noon on Friday won’t ship until Monday anyway. So basically you will always get your order from me within 7 to 9 days. Sometimes the USPS screws something up though and it might take longer. Also, I send a check-sheet with your order so you can check everything in.